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Case Study

ATP World Tour Final – programmes

Brief:  The PPL Group were appointed by the ATP Tour to produce and oversee the sales operation for the ATP World Tour Finals programme and daily updates, held at the O2 Arena, London.

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    APT Tour / 2012-2020

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Solution: In consultation with the ATP, PPL created a visual style that reflects the ATP’s core branding values for the event and changed the programme size from A4 to Landscape 168 mm x 240mm.

The editorial and images conveyed the excitement of the tournament and the sport of tennis. Exciting action photography taken on game days was used to illustrate the daily updates, creating a desirable souvenir programme/daily updates that fans would want to purchase.

A commissioning editor was appointed and worked directly from the O2 Arena, providing a copy for the daily updates.

To meet the production and print timing challenges of the Paris Open finish and the start of the Finals, page plans and printing schedules were prepared in advance, indicating feature and advert positions. Additionally, editorial, production, and printing deadlines were defined to streamline the production of the programmes and daily updates.

The printer was provided with a delivery schedule and was asked to label each box with the name and destination.

Result: A bright, modern, and vibrant publication that received high satisfaction from the ATP and the sponsors.

The PPL Group publisher of the ATP Tour Final 2019 PPL publisher of the ATP Tour Final 2018

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