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PPL Sports & Leisure Limited is committed to the sustainability of the business and its activities. We actively encourage all interested parties, including customers, of any of our services to adopt the principle of sustainability and we communicate our objectives and achievements for sustainability to them.

Working with our clients, suppliers and contractors through every aspect of our projects, we develop plans to mitigate the effects of the project across key areas such as energy, purchasing, waste and potential socio-economic impacts. Therefore, we take account of any effects we have on the environment or society and manage our projects and services to mitigate any negative impacts and maximise positive benefits.

We aim to continue and grow our business into the future through financial and practical sustainability. So, we take steps to ensure that all activities we are involved in are achievable and help support the continuance of our business.

Continual improvement of sustainability is incorporated into every aspect of our planning and throughout our services to customers and the events we are involved in. PPL is committed to ensuring compliance with all client and legislative requirements for sustainability with each project run in accordance with the ISO20121-2012 standard.

Through our policies and actions, we aim to be a sustainable business with a positive benefit to everyone associated with our activities and thereby help maintain the communities and environments in which we live and work.

Philip Butcher, Carl Bigg
January 2022