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Case Study

Bourne Hall – screen displays

Set in the heart of historic Ewell Village in Surrey and only 30 minutes outside London, Bourne Hall looks down on the headsprings of the river Hogsmill.

The surrounding landscaped gardens and lake provide a beautiful, calming, rural village setting for any social or business function. This remarkable modern building with unique architectural interest has been open since 1970.


  • Services

    Digital display screens

  • Client / Year

    Epsom & Ewell Borough Council / 2023

The Brief: Housing a library, museum, dance studio, cafeteria, meeting rooms, and an art gallery, Epsom & Ewell Borough Council sought ways to enhance communication and leverage the footfall of visitors to promote its facilities and activities to the public.

The Solution: The PPL Group’s solution was to install a combination of 32″ and 43″ commercial-grade AV monitors.

These commercial-grade AV monitors are suitable for 24/7 commercial use, featuring an LCD panel with a narrow bezel and full high-definition 1080p for clarity. LED backlighting reduces power consumption by 30%, and further energy efficiency is achieved by implementing power timing to ensure the screens are turned off.

These screens enable Bourne Hall to display content-specific and promotional material to drive future visits. One screen is mounted on the wall within the bar area, capable of displaying a mix of menu items and promotional content.

Another screen is positioned at the entrance to the museum, showcasing historical and current content from the area.

All the screens are connected to a My Signage Portal content management system, allowing Bourne Hall staff to design and schedule content, regardless of their technical knowledge or resources. The easy-to-use interface is used to create and schedule content for the display screens.

Results: Epsom and Ewell Council now has a medium to communicate more effectively with visitors and passers-by through a range of highly visual content.

Advertising sales to generate new revenue streams for the council are set to commence in 2024.

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