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Quick turnaround – retail unit

Quick turnaround – retail unit

A retail unit at the Open Championship

Quick turnaround – retail unit

The PPL Group loves a challenge. When a client asked us to rebrand a retail unit within a very short timeframe, we rose to the occasion.

The retail unit in question was rented for use at two of the UK’s iconic summer sporting events: the Wimbledon Championships and The Open Championship in 2023. We needed to quickly change the unit’s colour and branding from the dark green of the Wimbledon Championships to the deep navy blue of The Open Championships.

The Royal & Ancient of St Andrews (R&A) commissioned PPL to rebrand the retail unit, initially used during the first week of the Wimbledon Championships, for use at The Open. This required a swift rebranding job to ensure the unit was on-site in time for the practice days.

To save time, the company that owned the unit agreed that we could brand directly over the Wimbledon Championships branding instead of stripping it back. The unit was covered in self-adhesive vinyl (SAV), which is a versatile material; it’s opaque and effectively conceals anything beneath it.

Witness the transformation in the video below as the PPL team undertakes the rebranding process at our headquarters in Liverpool.

SAV proves to be a cost-effective solution for creating or updating existing signage. This vinyl can be glossy or matt and applied with either permanent or removable adhesive. The material accepts colours well, making it easy to match brand specifications and can be printed with messaging in text or images.   SAV is proven to be highly durable and relatively long-lasting.

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