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Bespoke build projects – creative solutions

At the PPL Group, our team thrives on challenges. We harness the skills of our designers, engineers, printers, technicians, and installers to craft tailored solutions.

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What is a bespoke build project? 

It can be anything that is in the skill set of the PPL Group to build, we leverage the collective skills of our team to turn a client’s vision into reality. With dedicated designers, engineers, technicians, and printers, we have the expertise to bring your requirements to life.

Our bespoke build projects in the past have included:  

Manual scoreboards/leaderboards: These structures are prominently displayed at events like R&A Amateur Golf events, The Open Championship, and the Wimbledon Championships. The R&A boards are transportable and used at multiple events each year, whilst the Wimbledon boards are permanent structures.  For each event, we provide printed player slats, which are complex jobs as they include details like players’ names, rankings, nationality, etc. The final information is usually provided close to the event start, following qualifying.

Retail point of sale: Retailers often require custom solutions to showcase products, enhancing visibility and accessibility to potential customers. For example, Howdens Joinery needed a cost-effective, flexible, customer-friendly solution to display decorative mouldings, which we achieved by mounting variations on display boards.

Steel structures for video screen walls: When introducing video screens to The Open Championship, the R&A entrusted us with ensuring the screens seamlessly blend into the golf course landscape. We accomplished this by housing the screens on steel structures, akin to traditional wayfinding signage, ensuring they withstand extreme weather conditions while respecting the natural environment.

LED screen displays designed to withstand extreme conditions: We have installed commercial-grade LED screens into altitude rooms and hydrotherapy suites for Liverpool Football Club. These screens need to cope with extreme conditions from different air pressures to hight temperatures and moist environments.

Programme/retail booths: These vary in specifications, influenced by factors such as intended usage and weather conditions. Portable booths, typically used at multiple venues/events, need to be transportable, quick to set up, and easily re-brandable with event graphics. Venue-owned booths, which typically reside outside, must endure extreme weather, and offer suitable cover for sellers. They are often movable by pallet truck or forklift.

Trophy stands/displays: These vary based on sporting event requirements and portability needs. Stands may feature event and sponsor branding or past winners’ names.

We are eager to tackle any challenge, regardless of size. If a proposed project falls outside our skill set for construction, printing, or manufacturing, we’ll provide upfront advice. We have the space and patience to complete bespoke projects, whether they take a few days or several months.

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