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Tray signage

Tray signs offer a cost-effective, durable, and visually appealing signage solution for branding commercial properties. Typically crafted from sheet metal or composite materials, these signs feature folded edges, creating a tray-like shape.

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Creating tray signage:

Tray signs represent a cost-effective, durable, and eye-catching choice for branding commercial properties. Constructed from sheets with folded outer edges, these signs are subtly raised from the building’s fascia. They can be customised with various finishing options, including powder coating, vinyl wrapping, and various lettering styles and techniques. Illuminating them with energy-efficient LEDs enhances their visibility during the day and especially at night.

Tray signage is widely utilized to enhance a business’s curb appeal, providing an attractive and stylish signage solution that is highly visible to customers and visitors. These signs are commonly used for shopfronts, office buildings, commercial and industrial premises, restaurants, takeaways, and pubs. While tray signs are typically used for external fascia, they can also be effectively employed for internal signage.

ACC Liverpool Car Park signage, tray sign designed, printed and installed by The PPL Group

Materials and types of tray signs:

Materials used for tray signs vary and include steel and Di-bond® or other aluminium material composites (AMCs).  AMC, a popular choice for commercial signage, consists of a flexible polyethylene core sandwiched between thin aluminium sheets, finished with a high-quality lacquer. This material combines the resilience of aluminium with flexibility.

Tray signs come in various types:

  • Custom tray signs: Manufactured to your bespoke specifications.
  • Illuminated sign trays: These are illuminated from above using energy-efficient LED Trough Lights or from behind for tray signs with cut-out letters. This design allows the light to shine through while maintaining water resilience.
  • Projecting sign trays: These protrude from a building, providing visibility from both sides. A classic example is the distinctive red cross of a chemist sign.
  • Flex face tray signs: These feature a tensioned flexible PVC banner stretched across a frame and attached to a building’s wall. They can be scaled to virtually any size and are relatively lightweight, making them suitable for branding large shopfronts or buildings. They are typically used for outdoor applications.


Branding options:

Tray signs offer a range of branding options, including colours and lettering styles:

  • Colours: The sign can be coloured to match your company’s brand specifications, including brushed steel, powder-coat finishes in over 1800 RAL colours, or vinyl wrapping in plain colours or graphic printed backgrounds.
  • Lettering and Branding: Various methods can be employed to decorate tray signs, including flat lettering or logos printed or cut out of vinyl, lettering and shapes cut out of metal or acrylic, and raised 3D lettering and logos.
  • Tray signs are versatile and durable, suitable for large-scale applications, and can incorporate different branding techniques, enhancing their visibility, especially when illuminated.

For further information, please contact the PPL Group, experts in the manufacturing and installation of these types of signs: Contact Us – PPL Group

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