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Box clever – custom packaging

Cardboard boxes were patented in 1817 by Sir Malcolm Thornhill of London, by  the mid-19th century, the cardboard box had gained popularity for packaging and transporting goods.

Today cardboard boxes are used widely, as an eco-friendly choice for packaging across diverse industries, offering durability, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability.  They are also highly customisable.

Sir Malcolm Thornhill, a Londoner, secured the patent for cardboard boxes in 1817, marking the genesis of a packaging revolution. As the mid-19th century unfolded, these boxes surged in popularity, becoming a staple for packaging and transporting goods.

Fast forward to the present day, cardboard boxes have evolved into an eco-friendly packaging solution. Renowned for their durability, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability, they stand as a testament to innovation. The highly customisable nature ensures they remain a versatile choice for packaging, brand displays and much more.

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    Large format printing

Custom box packaging:  we can create bespoke packaging solutions that align with your brand identity and product specifications, by designing and producing boxes tailored to the unique requirements of the product or the proposed use of the box. Customisation options include size, shape, colour, branding, and additional features.

Benefits of custom packaging

  • Brand Identity: Showcase unique and distinctive brand identity.
  • Tailored Fit: Designing custom boxes ensures a perfect fit for your products, providing optimal protection and minimising waste.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Unique designs and branding on custom boxes contribute to increased visibility, making your products more recognisable and memorable.
  • Appeal: Creative and aesthetically pleasing designs can attract consumers’ or clients’ attention, creating a positive impression.
  • Differentiation: Customisation sets your products or company apart from competitors, reinforcing your brand.
  • Versatility: Custom box designs can be adapted to various shapes and size.

We make our boxes from corrugated flute board, flute board is graded A to F.  The letter refers to the quality of the board and the number of flutes (per linear square foot) that are sandwiched between the two pieces of board.  This combination of board and flutes gives the box its overall strength and quality.  E Flute and F Flute have a flatter surface that allows for a superior print application and are widely used for creating custom packaging.


Custom boxes from PPL

We offer custom box design, printing, and production as part of our large-format printing services, we can design and create:

  • Presentation boxes
  • Signed shirt boxes
  • Corporate gifting boxes
  • Exhibition stand display boxes
  • Retail point-of-sale boxes
  • Small packaging runs


Examples of custom boxes:

PPL’s Festive Mystery Box: The team here at PPL had some fun in the run-up to Christmas 2023 by creating a festive-inspired mystery box to send as a thank-you to our clients and a few key prospects.

The box allowed us to showcase some of the company’s print capabilities, designed by the artwork team within our production department, who demonstrated their skills in designing all aspects of the box, the box was printed, cut out, folded, and constructed.

The design included festive icons like Christmas trees, baubles, snowflakes, and stars. Other icons represented core services, signage, digital display screens, publishing, and some of the sports we work with. We created two sizes of boxes, each containing craft gin and chocolate sourced locally from Liverpool artisan companies, along with a printed mug, pen, and coaster. For a bit of fun, the box was locked with a padlock, featuring a QR code to scan and reveal a question to crack the code to get in.


England Rugby Influencer Box: Ahead of RWC 2023, the team at England Rugby required a packaging solution. They wanted to send out a small quantity of signed England Rugby jerseys to influencers. These jerseys needed to be nicely presented, as once signed, they have a much higher value, each jersey came with a certificate of authenticity, which also needed protection from damage. We designed, printed, and manufactured an England Rugby branded box to hold both the signed shirt and certificate of authenticity.


IMA – Exhibition Material: We created large brand/display boxes for IMA to use at exhibitions and trade shows, enhancing their stand’s branding and décor. Custom boxes serve as ideal display material; they come in any size, are easy to brand, lightweight, and can be transported flat. Moreover, these boxes are quick and simple to erect on-site. The result for IMA was highly visible and versatile branding, which could be used separately or stacked on top of each other to provide greater impact and visibility.


Need a quote?  Contact use today and will can take you though the process step by step and provide a quote.

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