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Onsite, Fulfilment, Online & Retail Sales – Publishing Services

Back in 1947, the recently founded Programme Publications was commissioned by the All England Club to provide a ground sales service for the Wimbledon Championships souvenir programme.  Providing a full package of publishing services has been an integral part of our offering ever since.

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Publishing Services

PPL publish a variety of publications which include (not limited to)  souvenir programmes, show guides, guidebooks, brochures, handbooks, magazines, and media guides.

As a full service company, we can manage all or any of the operations below.

  • Design, edit, and print.
  • Commissions journalists to write articles (if required).
  • Selling advertising to generate revenue for clients.
  • On-site Event Sales
  • Hospitality venue fulfilment
  • Online store sales with worldwide delivery
  • Retail sales, if applicable
  • Fulfilment services


On-Site Event Sales and Hospitality Operation – sporting and other events

Creating, as an example, a souvenir sporting programme often involves:

  • Short deadlines: For instance, England Rugby announces their team just a few days before a test match.
  • Complex print runs: Wimbledon’s daily editions are updated with the previous day’s results and printed late at night.
  • Last-minute changes: Ensuring up-to-date information, even if there are sudden changes.
  • Early morning delivery: Due to venue preparations, programmes are delivered before events.

The PPL publishing team will create the physical or digital product and hand over to the event team will run the onsite sales and fulfilment operation.

Pre-event: Planning starts back in the office, with the in-house team liaising with the client to understand ticket sales, hospitality numbers and any contractual complimentary copies so the print run quantity can be agreed upon.

Based on those figures staffing and accreditation will be done. We have a core team on the books who work at events geographically close to where they live, and we will top up with agency staff if required. Occasionally our client has a pool of staff and will allocate some of them to programme selling.

Usually, the day (or several days) before an event starts the team will be on-site to set up, this includes setting up the PPL temporary office and ensuring booths are in the right location, clean and correctly branded. Some venues will own their own sales booths, whilst others will use PPL which will need to be erected on-site. There may be an early, limited-sized delivery of programmes that need to be delivered to key personnel and locations. All operational technology, such as PDQ machines need to be set up and charged.

Event Day: PPL will be on site early morning to accept the delivery from the printers, then we begin the mammoth operation of delivering, what can be tens of thousands of programmes to sales locations and into hospitality suites. The team of sellers will be check-in, for some events this could be 2 or 3 sales shifts, for an example at Wimbledon there will be a team that starts early morning selling to the queues, a team on-site for when the venue opens and another team who will sell late into the evening.

The PPL sales team will wear either branded workwear provided by the client or PPL. At the end of an event day, the stock is counted back in, reconciliation is done against sales and if the event continues the next day, we will ensure the booths are left ready. Post-event operations: Reporting back to the client sales figures and providing information for any post-event debriefs. A more detailed reconciliation will be sent once all the elements are finalised.

Post-event:  involve reporting sales figures to clients, providing detailed reconciliation and reporting back any operational findings.

Online Store Sales

We have an online store in which we sell and pre-sell programmes,  we have an avid customer base of collectors and primarily sports fans.

Retail Distribution

We offer retail distribution services when request by our clients, as an example we sold the Games Preview magazine into the supermarkets and newsagents prior to the  Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022.

Fulfilment Services

We offer a fulfilment service, as an example we send out show guides to the Epson Playhouse membership and have delivered a magazine to residents by postcode for Epsom & Ewell Borough Council.  Our team handles all the logistics, returns, and undelivered items.


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