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PPL programme archives: Boxing 1946

PPL programme archives: Boxing 1946

1946, Bruce Woodcock v Nisse Anderson, International Heavyweight Contest at Harringay Arena. This of one of the earliest programmes from The PPL Group

PPL programme archives: Boxing 1946

In 1946, Bruce Woodcock from Great Britain emerged victorious over Nisse Anderson of Sweden in the third round of the International Heavyweight Contest at Harringay Arena. This official programme from the PPL Group archives, is one of the earliest we have, from early sales records it was sold to/by a number of other companies including Littlewoods, Empire News, Sporting Record, Gillette, Copies, Jack Swift, I.T.P., Sloans and MacDonald. The programme cover price was 2/- (Two Shillings).

The PPL Group had been established earlier in the same year; it is reputed to have begun when a naval officer requested the proprietor to create and sell a programme during the 1946 Cowes Week. The company quickly gained a reputation, and by the end of the year, it had started producing boxing programmes. In 1947, the company was asked to run the ground sales at the Wimbledon Championships, and within a few years, the business relationship had expanded to take over the whole programme operation, a role it has been fulfilling ever since.

Over the years, The PPL Group has created official souvenir programmes for sports including athletics, boxing, cricket, football, golf, gymnastics, rugby league, rugby union, horse racing, show jumping, tall ships race, cycling, and tennis.

In 2023, the PPL Group’s publishing team crafted 62 programmes (including daily editions) with 48 unique covers, and the events sales team logged 125 on-site sales days.

We offer a full range of publishing services including design, editorial, print, fulfilment, onsite sales, online sales and retail distribution. We also produce a wide range of other publications including media guides, handbooks, show guides, event guides, museum brochures, newsletters and monthly magazines.

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1946 Boxing Programme Woodcock v Anderson - 17 December 1946, Harringay Arena, London early programme from The PPL Group Archives