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Case Study

Display screen installation: LFC AXA Training Centre, hydrotherapy pool area

Liverpool Football Club (LFC) at their AXA Training Centre, required a new display screen to be installed within the hydrotherapy pool area, the display screen specifications had to take into account and withstand the environmental conditions of this location.

  • Services

    Bespoke build, Digital display screens

  • Client / Year

    Liverpool Football Club / 2023

We installed a new 65″ commercial-grade display screen for Liverpool Football Club (LFC) into the hydrotherapy pool area within their AXA Training Centre. The design and configuration of the display screen involved addressing specific challenges associated with the physical space and environmental conditions.

The display was custom fabricated, to fit into a specific recess within the wall, it was IP-rated to cope with the ambient 50 degrees of temperature and moist, humid conditions of the area. We also configured the display screen to be operated by LFC’s existing content management system and linked it to their existing audio system.

The installation took place within a time frame specified by the club so that it didn’t interfere with any planned use of the area.

Installations of screens: Challenging environments

Below are some key considerations for the design of a screen for installation within indoor humid environment with as a hydrotherapy suit or swimming pool area.

  • Water and moisture resistance: Utilise a commercial-grade display screen with a high level of water and moisture resistance to withstand the humid conditions in the hydrotherapy pool area.
  • Temperature regulation: Incorporate features that enable effective temperature regulation to prevent overheating in the hot environment. Ensure the display screen is equipped with adequate ventilation to maintain optimal operating temperatures.
  • Durability and robustness: Opt for a robust and durable display screen that can withstand the challenges posed by the moist environment, ensuring longevity and reliable performance.
  • Anti-glare technology: Implement anti-glare technology on the display screen to enhance visibility, considering the presence of moisture that may cause reflections.
  • High brightness and contrast: Choose a display screen with high brightness and contrast capabilities to maintain clear visibility in well-lit environments, especially around the hydrotherapy pool area.
  • Sealed enclosure or cabinet: Consider enclosing the display screen in a sealed cabinet or enclosure to provide an extra layer of protection against moisture.
  • IP rating compliance: Ensure that the commercial-grade display screen complies with relevant IP (Ingress Protection) ratings for resistance against dust and water.
  • Remote monitoring and Control: Implement remote monitoring and control features to facilitate easy management and adjustments without direct physical access to the screen.
  • Customised mounting solutions: Design customised mounting solutions that accommodate the unique layout and requirements of the hydrotherapy pool area, ensuring secure installation.
  • Regular maintenance plan: Establish a regular maintenance plan to inspect and clean the display screen, addressing any potential issues promptly.

By addressing the above considerations, we can ensure that the design of the commercial-grade display screen for Liverpool Football Club’s hydrotherapy pool area effectively overcomes the challenges posed by the environmental conditions, to provide a reliable and visually optimised solution.

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