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What we excel at

Screen & lighting

We design and install LED displays, commercial grade monitors and video walls, platinum displays, 7-segment and matrix displays, custom builds, LED lighting solutions, and content management, networking, and software solutions.

Whole package

We design the whole package including technology, software and installation. We can mix screen displays and/or LED lighting solutions with printed signage. We can also install a mix of physical signage

Site visits

We conduct in-person site visits to provide tailored recommendations and address potential issues. The more we are aware of the best solution we can offer.

Quality control

We use high quality suppliers and products and will provide full project specifications recommendations. Rigorous testing before, during, and after project completion ensures the highest quality deliverables.


Our journey doesn’t end after installation, we are on hand to support & assist. We also offer regular servicing and maintenance which can help prolong the life of screens.

Visual Impact: Digital display screens & lighting effects offer numerous benefits

Vibrant displays Versatility & flexibility Energy efficiency Enhanced visibilty Real-time Highlights & elevates spaces

Attention-grabbing visual impact

LED screens provide high-quality, vibrant displays that attract attention, this visually captivating format enables content to stand out, making it ideal for advertising, promotions, and branding.

Screens have multiple uses

LED screens come in various sizes, shapes, and formats, making them versatile, adaptable land customisable. From large outdoor billboards to a video wall for a retail store or a small display for a trade show booth, their flexibility allows you to showcase videos, images, animations, and real-time data.

Long life span, multiple uses

LED technology is energy efficient and has a longer lifespan than other display technologies, this helps businesses reduce their energy costs while minimizing their environmental footprint. The durability of LED screens makes them a cost-effective investment in the long run.

Use in various enviroments

With excellent visibility in different lighting conditions, messaging on LED Screens remains clear and readable, even in challenging environments. This feature makes LED screens suitable for outdoor advertising, sports stadiums, retail stores, airports, and other locations where visibility is critical.

Content management systems

By using integrated content management systems, businesses can update and manage content remotely and in real-time. This flexibility allows businesses to stay agile, respond quickly and deliver relevant and up-to-date information to their target audience.

Halo lighting effects

Products & services

  • Designed on a project-by-project basis, software and content management solutions included in the designs.


    • Indoor /Outdoor
    • Rental / Fixed
    • Floor
    • Flexi & Curved
    • Transparent & Curtains
    • Video Scoreboards
    • Tickers
    • Parameter
  • TV Screens & Monitors that meet regulations for use within a  commercial  environment.  Include a host of features such as heat sinks for thermal control, design for 24/7 usage, higher brightness and back-ground software packages.

    Suppliers are mainstream manufacturers including Samsung. LG and Sony.


  • Custom fabricated monitors tailored to client’s requirements, we house monitors accordingly (i.e. freestanding, kiosk, table etc) for both indoor &
    outdoor environments.

    We can add IR overlay for touch screen requirements, media source, network ability and supporting software.


    • Android Wall Mount
    • Freestanding Units
    • Kiosks
    • A-Frame
  • 7-segment displays are slowly been replaced by their LED & matrix rivals, however they are still a good solution given their cost-effectiveness & efficient power consumption.


    • Time temperature
    • Countdown
    • Scoreboards
    • Information boards
    • Totems
    • Pharmacy signs
    • Matrix displays
  • We have the knowledge, skillset & resources available to produce any display required.

  • As part of the project we will install all required content management, software and networking solutions.

    Training will be provide during the product signoff stage.

  • We design a range of lighting effects which halo key aeras or objects within spaces.


    • Furniture
    • Displays
    • Room partitions
    • Bespoke requirements



Enhance the spectator experience by providing larger-than-life displays of live action, replays, and dynamic graphics.


Elevate live events with dynamic backdrops and immersive visuals. Bring art, history, and exhibits to life.

Retail & hospitality

Transform retail and hospitality spaces into interactive and engaging environments.

Conference & events

Provide stage backdrops or display speaker presentations and multimedia content.

Public sector, corporate & head offices

Providing public messaging, or share company updates, displaying key metrics, and communicating corporate messages.


The ACC Liverpool Group


Bents Garden Centre


Epsom Playhouse


England Golf


Epsom & Ewell Borough Council


Joseph Holt


Scottish Golf


The Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews


West Lancashire Borough Council

The ACC Liverpool Group Bents Garden Centre Epsom Playhouse England Golf Epsom & Ewell Borough Council Joseph Holt Scottish Golf The Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews West Lancashire Borough Council