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Up for the challenge

Our team of designers, engineers, printers and installers are always up for a new challenge.

Tailored solutions

We come up with solutions that work; we have the space and the patience to put together bespoke projects.

Big or small

We work on projects that can take a few days to many months to build on-site to complete.


Sometimes an old build needs maintenance; we won’t advocate building new unless we feel it is more beneficial.

Complex projects

We use the skills of the whole team to make bespoke builds, such as scoreboards, which can have thousands of components.

Examples of bespoke builds

  • The R&A for the 2014 Open Championship wanted to introduce LED Video Walls throughout the course. The screens required protection from the elements while seamlessly blending within the overall event structure.

    The solution:

    • House the LED Screens  in steel structures, reminiscent of traditional wayfinding signage on golf

    Today these screens are an established part of the spectator experience.

  • In the early 2000s, the RFU required new programme booths for Twickenham Stadium. The requirement was they needed to be sturdy, easily transportable using a forklift/pallet truck, capable of being rebranded,  suitable for outdoor use in all weather conditions, and have a lifespan of 10 years +.

    The solution:

    • Fabricated metal booths with front counter, half-open side panels, rear door and protective on a reinforced pallet base.  Grooves at the top and front allow for branding.

    These booths proved highly durable and resilient, withstanding the test of time and all weather conditions.  After 15 years of continuous use, the booths underwent refurbishment in 2021, and they are now expected to serve Twickenham Stadium for another 15 years+.

  • Howdens Joinery needed a solution to display mouldings/trim stock within their stores.

    The solution:

    • Mount an example of each moulding/trim on a display board with product information underneath it and display bins to hold mouldings for the customer to pick up in-store.



    Image of the signage created by PPL Group for the retail sector

  • We specialise in building complex scoreboards for sporting events such as The Open and Wimbledon Championships. We designed, build and maintain the structure, as well as print all the (thousands of ) individual components. For the likes of Wimbledon we also manage the scoreboards live during the championship, updating with order of play and results.


Howden Joinery Ltd

Howden Joinery Ltd